Represents the brand to the highest standard in their personal styling, grooming standards, demeanour and overall appearance•Confident in conveying to customers their knowledge of brand history, design process and our global omni-channel business•Conducts themselves in line with company values•Adapts well to change•Takes pride in the store in maintaining all aspects of silent-service, brand standards and store cleanliness•Inquisitive and keeps up to date with company news•Delivers a personalised service experience using the Reiss Experience CIC philosophy, across all customer interactions and touch points•Prioritises the customer making sure that they always feel appreciated and valued•Demonstrates they are an expert by inspiring and advising customers with all available products and services•Builds and nurtures customer relationships, creating a loyal customer base•Shares in depth knowledge of product, fabrics, design direction, latest trends to inspire and style outfits to suit the customers •Is aware of the store and their own individual targets and KPI’s•Delivers personal sales targets and KPIs •Uses all tools and services available to achieve personal targets•Understand how the store and business makes and (loses) money •Understands what is required of them in their role and how they impact their business•Adheres to all company policies and procedures •Follows H&S procedures including how to minimise, resolve or report any potential hazards•Completes all stock in and out processes accurately and to required deadlines•Protects the store from any potential of loss i.e. stock, financial or data •Knows how to process all online order deadlines•Follows all operational and cash handling procedures correctly•Works with a sense of urgency, effectively balancing multiple requests and tasks and meets deadlines•Communicate effectively with other team members•Takes responsibility for their own development and completes required training•Responds positively to feedback, seeing it as an opportunity to grow•Understands how their behaviour can impact the team•Supports other team members succeed •Contributes to a positive store environment•Is reliable, completing all task and requests as required •Understands when to escalate an issue or difficult situation to Management•Contributes to a diverse and inclusive environmentThis list is not exhaustive, at times you maybe required to take on additional responsibilitiesSets own directionNo direction requiredMinimal guidance requiredGeneral direction requiredClose guidance required